System engineer, Cloud architect, Cooking chef, Hacker

First of all, thank you for visiting this webpage. You probably found it through my resume or my professional profile; or maybe you're a friend of mine whom I asked the opinion.

Nevertheless, welcome. There are some links in this page and each of them represents a small part of me. Don't hesitate to check this and have fun!
I tried to put all my information in here so you don't have to stalk me everywhere else.


I teach information security on a regular basis and sometimes, I talk about datascience, graph theory, Python, robotics, or cloud computing. My students usually enjoy my classes and they always learn something new.

Roller Derby

I've been involved in Roller Derby since 2016. I had the honor of being Panam Squad B-Team captain during two seasons. I now play for the All-Stars Team.


I conceive and make challenges and games; mostly targetting a technical audience. In my opinion, a good challenge should at the same time entertain the contestants and teach them something new.
I've been participating in the organization of the Nuit du Hack in 2011-2016


I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. Along the years I managed to master many ethnical meals from the simplest ones to the somewhat more elaborate preparations.
Also, I know how to make brioche.

A bit more about myself

I'm a french engineer working in information security and system architecture for a living and as a hobby. I also work on various projects for fun. I am really into old school technologies as well and I feel like the 80s were a great time to be alive.

I like milkshakes and orange juice and I still haven't tasted better pancakes than my own.